Bob sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Terry. He said they actually did nude pics and so has a bunch of dirty pics and video footage of her and them together. Bob said it was like having his own personal porn star to play with. She obviously has the body for it and never had a problem with cameras shooting in the same room. Maybe a better photography director will help ;) Hopefully, these several pictures are only teasers and he plans to send us more! He didn’t go into any other details about their break-up, but I can imagine it isn’t a pretty one when he has all this video footage he claims he has. I don’t think there will be many denying that this chick has a smoking body, not to mention she’s sucking hardly. I would just need one more picture with her mouth open to have a complete set. She doesn’t seem a bit shy about being naked or spreading her legs, either. Thanks Bob for sharing, she’s sexy and hot!

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