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Posted by Max Stirner on September 26th, 2006

I’m loving the stripper outfit. It makes her look nice and slutty, and it drives me crazy. I cant’ classify this woman – Like she’s kind of trashy, yet she can be kind of classy too, if she has to. In other words, you can take her out in public, but still treat her like a filthy pig when you get back home. Something tells me she’s an hell into the sack, as well.

Higel, from Uk, says his ex wife was exactly the type of woman I’ve been talking about. He took some naked pictures of his ex wife when she was doing a little strip tease for him, one evening. He said he got so horny and turned-on that he literally attacked her, because he couldn’t control himself any longer.

Higel says she’s very conservative and strong most of the time, but when he’s alone with her, behind closed doors, she turns into a raving nymphomaniac that wants to be man-handled and dominated. A desire that he had no problem fulfilling, but they broke up after he found her in a motel with another man.

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