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Posted by Max Stirner on October 31st, 2011

Jose sent these pics and said he was working in Spain when he met online this girl named Emma. After a long affair on line she came over to visit. Well what he did not know was she came to visit the whole country. After fucking him for a couple nights she moved on to 2 of his friends, a bus driver, a tour guide, the cook at the hotel and even the busboy. Jose says it was funny to watch this woman try to fuck her way thru the Ritz’s staff. He’s sorry there are no nude photos …hard to believe but she was shy!
Wow, just a little slutty attitude ;)  Anyway, she looks like she might be a bit on the too-shy side for my tastes, but that wouldn’t stop me from jumping in the sack with her if the opportunity arose. I bet she gets a lot of attention from the boys with that beautiful body and all her sexy lingerie! Thanks Jose for sharing, she’s hot!

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