Ethan sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Scarlett. He says that Scarlett was actually pretty shy about keeping her goodies shown outdoors, but he encouraged her to do it and she did. Oddly enough, Scarlett began to suspect something was going on with her when she began being very shy again, and refuse to pose again. Not much longer after her refuse, he discovered she had started something up with a guy she worked with. Apparently, a few happy-hours led to a sexual relationship with another man. Ethan said he wasn’t serious enough about her to fight for her, so he cut her loose. Well, I’m thinking this chick is fairly cute. She’s pretty and has a hot ass and a pussy that just looks like it’s begging for it. Personally, I like when a girl shaves down there, but at the same time it wouldn’t slow me down from the task at hand. Thanks Ethan for sharing, enjoy your revenge!

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