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Posted by Max Stirner on August 31st, 2012

Noah sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Sasha. He said he dated his ex a couple years ago, while they were both students at university. They both lived in the same co-ed dorm and her roommate was always gone. So they had the luxury of a lot of private and very convenient time together. As we can see, they usually put that time to good use. When everyone else was out partying on Friday and Saturday night, Noah and she would stay behind and bang each other, like to cymbals in an overworked marching band. She transferred to another school after the summer break. They kept in touch for a while, even hooking up for a weekend or two, but eventually the flame fizzled out. WOW, I’m kind of diggin’ this chick. She’s somewhere between hot and average, and sometimes those are the best types of girls. They’re not so hot where they expect men to knock each other over in order to do something for them, while at the same time they’re not so incredibly insecure where they would be afraid to show-off the goods or masturbating on the toilet while you’re holding a camera. Thanks Noah for sharing, she’s really hot!

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