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Posted by Max Stirner on October 5th, 2012

Tom sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Kelly. He said he dated this ex girlfriend a couple years ago and she was kind of annoying, but the sex was over-the-top and he wasn’t about to give that up so easily. Tom said she was a bit on the sexually aggressive side and that was one of the things he loved about her, but it had it’s drawbacks, too. She really likes the boys and if he wasn’t around, she would get it from someone else. She didn’t hide it, either, so Tom tried to deal with it for a while, but eventually got tired of sharing her. He tried to get her to stop on several occasions, but apparently that’s just the type of girl she is. At the end he cut her loose hoping to find another girl who’s a bit more faithful. Anyway… my gawd! I can’t stop looking at that jiggly, nude girl spreading her legs and playing with her hot body. Personally, I think she looking pretty yummy in these pics. And she seems like the type of girl who truly loves sex. Thanks Tom for sharing these pics, I do hope you have some more!!

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