Boris sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Maggie. He said she loved to pose naked and show off and “well I guess now she gets her chance”. Boris says also his ex girlfriend was a real party girl. In fact, that was one of the things that initially attracted him to her, besides the obvious, of course. She was a lot of fun, loved to party and loved a good, sweaty romp even more. In the beginning of their relationship everything was perfect, but after things cooled between them Boris noticed she started to get very flirtatious when they were out. After a few nights out with her girlfriends, she became even more distant. Long story short, she had been using the ‘nights out with girls’ as an excuse to see and mess around with other dudes. This chick doesn’t really jump out at you as being gorgeous, but she does have a certain girl-next-door quality about her that I kind of like. And the fact that she obviously enjoys being naked makes her all the more attractive ;) Thanks Boris for sharing!

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