Seth sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Madeline showing her fine, little ass. He says she was trying some sort of lingerie and he picked up the camera and started snapping shots. Apparently, Madeline went right into assuming the position, ready for some action from behind. Seth admits that he was obsessed with her beautiful hiney, as well as a lot of other men. With that in mind, he says their relationship began to crumble when she cheated on him with a common friend. What a pity, that ass is super! Mmm…small tits and a round, little ass do it for me every time. She seems like she would be pretty cute, too. Not to mention those holes look good enough to eat. I don’t know any female insecure about her ass that would stick it up in the air, like this, for pictures. So I’m guessing she knows exactly just how much her ass drives the boys wild. Thanks Seth for sharing, she’s hot!

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