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Posted by Max Stirner on June 6th, 2011

Tom sent these pics of his ex wife Tami. He said they were married when these were taken. They divorced but kept fucking for some time after. Then he met a girl that he wanted to be faithful too so he stopped fucking Tami, boy did she get pissed. A few months after he married the new chick Tami called and wanted to fuck again. Tom said he told her no and she said I would never see my daughter again. His daughter is now thirty. He said he after all these years finally found his daughters phone number and called and left a message. When he called back later, her Mom answered and told him it was a wrong number. So he has a message now: “Well, Tami dear, you miserable cunt, hope you remember these. Do you still swallow? Do you still take it in the ass? I see you haven’t remarried after all these years, wonder why.”
Thanks for sharing, I’m sure she’ll remember :D Anyway, it looks like she was a great fuck ;)

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