Tim sent these pics of Cybill, from North Carolina. This chick reminds me one of those smart, conservative girls, that were always in all the honor classes back in school.The type of girl you can bring home to momma, then sneak her up into your old bedroom for a quickie ;) What I like about her is that she appears wholesome, yet still very sexy.
Tim and Cybill dated from high school up until college. These pics were taken in the dorm room they both went to college. As Tim said, “She is from and still to this day has given me the best head of my life. She seemed to enjoy giving head and she almost always swallowed.” Cybil left him for some fat dude because she went to a neighboring college. Plus, she was cheating on him for about 3 months, so he figures that submitting these pics for the world to see is the least he can do and I approve!

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