Peter sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Grace. This blondie posing nude, looking sexy and trying to show an expression of innocence but I know this often means troubles. He says that was all part of her game to get what she wanted and it worked like a charm on him. Of course, the sex was amazing and also a major factor in her hold on Peter. He said after she bled his bank account dry and immediately became distant, he finally figured out what was going on. When Peter was breaking-it-off with Grace, he says she really didn’t even seem to mind… of course he suspects she was already moving in on her next victim… warning! I don’t know if this chick would get my attention with her clothes on, but if I met her like she is in these pics, I would definitely want to be knowing her on a much more intimate level. Her body is all natural and hot, enough to spend a night or two. Not more, I love my bank account ;) Thanks Peter for sharing, I hope you enjoy your revenge!

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