Jeff sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Marie. He said he met this sexy, little thang at a friend’s party. He said she was giving him a fuck my eyes from across the room, so he made his move. It turned out, besides being hot, she was also pretty cool. They flirted with each other and continued getting drunk throughout the night. By the time the party ended, they were all over each other and he brought her back to his place to continue with their own little party. These pictures are from their private party. She stayed the whole night and day after, she left Jeff with her phone number in the night. He said he called her a couple of times, but she never returned his calls. So, he moved on. Well, we get a great look at this chick, and I’m always happy to see a sexy, young woman; naked; on her back and in a semi-orgasmic state. From what we can see, though, she looks like she’s pretty hot. For one, she appears to have a nice pair of jiggly, natural boobs. I’m always a fan of that! She also has nice hips, a shaved pussy and seems like she’s really enjoying the sex. Sounds like a great one night stand, to me!  Thanks Jeff for sharing these pics, she’s hot!

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