Matt sent these pics of his ex fiance Kelly, 20 years old. He said he falled in love with her but two days before wedding she left with her boss, 20 years older. Matt said he was accused by her family because up to them he was dating with another girl and caused great pain to their “angel”. He said this was false, embarrassing and demoralizing, so he decided to show who’s their “angel” to the whole world. Here she is :)  Now, this chick has some great curves and she looks very hot in the nude. I bet she fills-out any cute and skimpy outfits nicely, too. That’s all I need! Especially with a smoking body, like hers. I’m thinking her boobs may be fake, but that scrumptious, little ass is amazing. Judging by her poses here, she knows how to work that ass, too ;)

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