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Explosive red hell has a naughty fantasy

Personally, redheads have never really done much for me in the past, but with this sexy, little firecracker I would be jumping in bed in 1 second.
Her first gallery revealed us an explosive red hell, second gallery showed us her great erotic charisma and… I haven’t enough words for these new pics. So Amanda left me and my popped-out-eyes in a corner, looking at that very sexy black lingerie, and write the post herself! :D

“To all of you that have looked at my previous picture, these are you reward, and thank you for the comments, yes Susy I am into girls on a regular basis. To those of you that are seeing me for the first time, please look at the previous postings, and please feel free to mail me at please also leave comments on the site.
In the pictures taken outdoors I am fantasizing that three strangers come across me and take me, all at the same time, one in my mouth, one in my pussy and one up my butt, use me and leave me sated and covered in their juices. Does that make me a filthy slut? I don’t think so, but would love to hear what you think. The picture outdoors where I am on my belly is a special for Max, “looks like I need some factor thirty rubbed in”
. Amanda.

My personal BIG THANKS to you Amanda! It looks like you really need my help with sun tan! You make our nights! Max

For all Amanda’s fans: We’re working on a special space for all Amanda’s pics… coming soon! :)

Online Right Now

Online Right Now

0 thoughts on “Explosive red hell has a naughty fantasy

  1. Well worth the wait
    Having been tipped off to new pictures and having tried the site 2/3 times yesterday I felt extremely lucky to see these new pics first thing today
    Amanda you exude all the right erotic signals and I feel so contented just to have seen them today.
    you are beautifully sexy Amanda and I certainly would like to participate in your 3 hole request. I am not bothered which hole you choose for me because just being in your company and being able to touch every inch of that gorgeous body will be a sexciting thrill in itself
    You are simply the best Amanda
    Love and kisses
    and licks and much more too

  2. oops Amanda, getting mixed up in my email addresses; keep em coming to the church one lol not the one I have just used. xx

  3. first time ever on this site, my mate told me about Amanda, and is she ever worth looking at, would love to be the lucky bastard that gets to shag that ASS oh man i can feel my dick sliding up there now, shit great site to quote Arnie I’ll be back

  4. More fantastic pictures as always Amanda. So you like showing off because your naughty, I love that you know that and flaunt it. All the more sexy. I look forward to the growing of your sexy pictures gallery. Going to go and get the tent so I can camp outside!!

    Love and kisses


  5. Wow Amanda,
    The more pictures I get to see of you the faster my cum flows. It’s a shame it’s not over your tits and face.
    Keep the pictures coming
    Love ya

  6. OK babe you want three dicks eh? That makes you a greedy bitch, any way i wouldn’t wanna share so a vibe up your pussy my cock up your ass and be happy, thats after i dished it out to that babe of a girl of yours cos I just know she would love it to

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