Ken, from Florida, sent these pictures of his ex girlfriend, laying nude in his bed. A situation and position she was quite accustomed to, according to Ken. She was more than willing to lay on her back and spread her legs whenever there was an opportunity. Of course, Ken had no problems with that. Her enthusiasm for sex kept him constantly horny, but also putty in her hands. Before he even knew what hit him, he found himself waiting for her to come home, all the while she was out with another dude, satisfying her enourmous libido. As soon as he figured out what was going on, he was out the door. He has since hooked-up with her a few times for some wild sex sessions, but he won’t let his head get into it.
BTW, man, there’s something sexy about them tan lines, right under a girl’s ass-cheek. Normal bikini/sunbathing tanlines on women have never really done much for me. It’s that kind of ass-cheek tan lines that I love, though.
Thanks Ken for these pics, enjoy your revenge ;)

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