Grayson sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Emma. He says Emma was a very dirty girl: she loved dressing up in slutty clothing, posing for pictures, getting naked and covering herself in baby oil. According to Grayson, she literally will try anything and in any position, and it was a huge turn-on for her to do it all in front of a camera. In fact, he says they performed on webcam many, many times. Grayson mentioned that some of you may even remember her from those days; her moaning face and swinging tits pushed right down on the camera. Grayson didn’t say why, but she’s with a new guy now. Anyway, I think this one is pretty cute for being a bit on the plain side in most of these pics. I mean, she looks great and there’s no doubt that she nice, all-natural body. You can tell by these pics that she’s a woman who enjoys being naked and more importantly, enjoys sex. Thanks Grayson for sharing, I do hope you’ll send more pics soon!

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