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Posted by Max Stirner on May 7th, 2011

JJ submitted these pictures of his sexy ex wife posing nude in bed, taken during happier times in their relationship. He didn’t say why they divorced, but JJ did happen to mention that she was an absolutely freak in bed. They did it all; from inviting a third person into the bedroom with them to wife-swapping with other couples. Most of these sexual activities were her suggestions, too! When I hear things like that, I can only assume that she just couldn’t get enough and JJ had had enough. Perhaps this chick would catch my eye, but I’m not sure I would be completely attracted to her unless she she was laying nude, like this, in my bed. When ever a woman is both horny and willing, they always seems to jump up a few points on the attraction scale. I don’t know how many times I’ve ignored certain physical qualities just for an easy piece. This one appears to have a sweet ass and a nice, little snatch; so I wouldn’t think I would have any problem joining her for a quick, hard romp in the sack.

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