Julian sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Collen. He said he was seeing this girl for over a year, and she was secretly in another open relationship with her ‘ex’ the whole time their were seeing each other. Of course he said he was cool with things when he found out, even when it turned out her ‘ex’ was someone who she’d told him was a very close friend, like her brother and totally platonic. He goes on “When I found out I still wanted to remain friends, and even occasional lovers (a shag’s a shag) until I met someone else. She didn’t want that and told me she didn’t want a friend who thought she could be secretive and dishonest, so she never wanted to see me again…I think it’s payback time…”  Oh man, let me say this is a slutty chick, no doubt! But I think you can forgive if you had the use of that ass for over a year ;)

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