Doe sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Lara but he didn’t really go into details about his ex girlfriend besides that, he snapped these pictures while she was getting naked on the bed, which I pretty much figured after I saw the pics. I wish he would have given us some details, though, because if her posing for naked photos is surprising I’m wondering what other naughty tricks she might be saving for a rainy day. Judging by her equipment, I’m sure Doe had his fair share of fun with her ;) Anyway, one of the things I dig about this chick is that, she doesn’t appear to be the type who would expose herself so freely. Actually, if I saw her on the street I would probably think she’s uptight and prudish. I mean, this chick isn’t exuding sexuality, or anything, but if I entered a room to her naked and spreading her legs on the sofa, I would eagerly dive right in ;) Thanks Doe for your pics, I do hope you’ll enjoy your revenge.

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