Liam sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Liza. Wow! This girl is both cute and sexy! And what a beautiful body! You must know this girl is now a common conservative and good housewife. She spends her whole day as the classical houswife and Liam said her current husband doesn’t know how she really is. Liam said she’s an hell into the sack and they broke up ’cause she couldn’t be satisfied with one man only. She had four in the same month and Liam broke up with her. Now she’s playing as conservative housewife, not far from Dallas, USA. She has a nice, shapely ass, perky, little titties and pointy, erect nipples that I wouldn’t be able to help myself from nibbling on. She’s obviously not shy about showing off her nude body, either while fucking or alone. You got to love a woman who’s willing to turn you on in this way ;) Thanks Liam for these pics, I do hope your revenge is done!

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