BillBang sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Crystal. He said she’s posing at home and he met her while she was attending school there. He says she was actually kind of a nerdy girl, except when it came to sex. It was like she became a different woman when the clothes came off – a woman he liked even more. But after she graduated BillBang was under the impression that they were going to continue the relationship. Apparently she had a change in plans because, she abruptly ended things and cut-off all communication with him. This chick might be a bit on the thick side for my personal tastes. Then again, given the opportunity of a night into the sack and I’m there. I mean, it looks like she keeps that snatch nice and groomed; she has a nice figure and those all-natural knockers that a man would never get bored with. Thanks BillBang for sharing, I hoper your revenge is done!

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