Roy sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Brenda posing naked for some self shots. Roy is in a jazz band and while they were on a mini tour, she had sent him these pics of herself to let him know what was waiting for him at home. If he wasn’t already getting some on the road, I know I would be looking forward to getting home, if it were me. Anyway, he didn’t say why they broke-up, but I’m glad to receive this cutie’s pics. She’s pretty cute. It’s hard to tell because, I’m very distracted and biased over her beautiful tits and the fact that she’s so natural posing nude outdoors. Sometimes when a chick has a hot body, I rarely notice her face. This is one of those occasions. Of course, she would have to remain naked, but I’m thinking I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Thanks Roy for sharing, she’s cute!

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