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Posted by Max Stirner on November 5th, 2012

Daniel sent these pics of his ex girlfriend Beth. He said he met his ex girlfriend in a bar and says, what he thought would only be a one night stand turned into a several month relationship. Not that she particularly swept him off his feet, or anything; but more like, he was just going with the flow because he didn’t have any other women in his life. Daniel was under the impression that she was on the same level. She never once spoke of getting serious and their time together consisted mostly of sex. So he was a little shocked at her reaction when he broke-off the relationship. He says she took it very hard and it took him a while to shake her loose for good. Above all, I think this chick is pretty damn sexy! Yeah, she’s a gorgeous exhibitionist. She seems a bit hardened in the face in some pics, but in pictures she’s a real knock-out. Plus, her tits still look really nice, she has a decent figure and that shaved pussy is looking mighty yummy! Thanks Daniel for sharing!

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