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Amanda is back with all her erotic charisma

A dozen of days ago I received the first group of pics from Amanda and Steve. My eyes popped out and I posted Amanda’s pics the same day. I couldn’t wait. This is the kind of real woman I adore, with that rare erotic charisma that drives me fool.

I’m not the only one thinking she’s so sexy – I’ve never received so many emails and comments as for this red hell since I started this blog. So, when they sent another group of pics I was very happy. I admit my preferred pic in this gallery is the 17th.. that sexy tattoo and the need of a good sun protection… need an help with sun lotion? I’m ready!

Online Right Now

Online Right Now

0 thoughts on “Amanda is back with all her erotic charisma

  1. Thanks for that, yes it is a bit difficult to cover those hard to reach places, just goes to show that a girl should cover up at times. Kisses Amanda

  2. gotta agree, I dunno what it is that this babe has got but she has it in SPADES, it says if you are lucky enuff to spend the night it is one you will never forget, and I still dream of banging that ass, after rubbing in the cream.

  3. I have just had the greatest pleasure of seeing the most delightful sexy pictures of a 1st class stunner. Amanda you are the best I have seen in a long long time. You are not only the sexiest lady on here but also a very charming friend who I hope to know both over the internet and personally in some shape or form
    I hope we have many more chats and maybe one day I will whisper in your ear just how sexy you are
    Dave (now full of lust for you)
    hugs xxxxx

  4. I commented on Amanda’s last posting and have to do the same here, she is absolutely STUNNING, a real woman, one that has that magic that we all dream of, but only a few are blessed with, and that Amanda is the greatest compliment I could add, apart from I wish you were waking up next to me in the morning, and please use sun cream, don’t blow that fabulous complexion, love Susy

  5. good to see you working hard to keep that ass nice an tight oh boy you are gonna getthat well reamed if we ever meet.

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